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Housingless Mill Stand
Housing Less Stand

The full rolling load is shared by all four pressure screws on the housing less mill stand. Bearing life is increased because the loading is distributed over a greater arc of contact in the chocks. These housing stands have a short stress path, so the mill modules are high and serve to reduce the product size deviation over the stock length. To provide a pass, we offer a combination of horizontal and vertical housing-less stands.

Conventional Mill Stand
Conventional Stand

The conventional Mill stands are comprised of a housing and cap assembly in which the rolls rotate in fiber/anti-friction bearings contained in chocks that move up and down in housings with liners. The roll gap is adjustable using a screw-down mechanism that is controlled by worm and worm gearboxes located on the top of the housing cover. The rolls are powered and propelled by electric motors via a drive and spindle arrangement.

Prestressed Rolling Mill Stands
Prestress Stand

The mill is built up of conventional mill stands, but it is pre- stressed with the help of hydraulic four nuts that pre-stress the system so that the mill is preloaded to the maximum roll separating force system of drives and spindles.

Continuous Shearing Machine for hot steel rolling mill
Continuous Shear

To cut a specified length of TMT bar being rolled faster than 20m/s at a minimum temperature of 550 deg. C. When the cut is conducted on the casing profiles rather than parting bolts, the casing is vertically split to take the separating force during the thermal seconds. To prevent unintentional overload, the blade holder is outfitted with double-cone torque couplings. The gears are case-carburized, hardened, and profile ground to ensure little backlash. TMT bar sizes range from 8mm to 16mm.

Steel Rolling Mill Gear Boxe
Gear Box

SECPL manufactures high-precision, sturdy gearboxes for driving rolling mills. The gearboxes are made up of precision-machined frames that house the gear internals, which are supported by antifriction bearings. The gears are lubricated with adequate gear oil to ensure long life and efficiency. According to the customer’s specifications, the gear materials are of two types: volume- hardened and case-hardened gears.

Automatic Cooling Bed of Rolling Mill
Automatic Cooling Bed

Turnkey manufacture of a rack-type cooling bed, including all electrical, drives, and motors. To improve production and power capacities, we perform custom-built design and engineering of rack-type cooling beds. Fifth-generation in-line planetary gearboxes with variable frequency transmission Synchronous drives with BOP add versatility to the cooling bed’s driving arrangement. Started web tool for drives to be taken online via computer and appropriate programming can be done later if needed.