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Our Manufacturing Unit’s access to the newest technological support enables us to provide Housingless Mill Stand that are both lightweight and capable of high-speed, efficient performance. Here, we specialize in producing housing-less stands with a maximum general diameter of 320mm. These platforms offer quick roll-changing possibilities and few maintenance requirements. These stands find application in high-production rolling mill plants with fast roll-changing capabilities. These standards can also be applied in the production processes of channels, universal beams, TMT bars, angles, flats, and other products. They can be made available in various design finishes, such as vertical housing less stands and horizontal housing less stands.

We guarantee the engineering, manufacture, and quality of our rolling mill stands. Like our other products, cartridge-type stands (housingless mill stands) are made using computer-aided machinery by current technology. Stands can be switched out fast as all fluid utilities, including spindles, are entirely automated. Line flexibility allows rolling with low temperature, high alloy, wide forming passes, etc.

Housingless stands designed by RMT tools are very reliable and have high rigidity with quick roll change capability. The rapid interchangeability of these stands is made possible by the automated fluid utilization and flexible spindle connection and disconnection.

Leading Housingless Mill Stand Manufacturers and Exporters in India

Steewo Engineers offers premium quality housingless mill stands that are widely known for their durability and optimum performance. The products we offer are produced by our highly qualified personnel in strict adherence to industry quality standards, utilizing the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. H/V mills flexibly use the provided stands manner by mounting them either vertically or horizontally. Customers can purchase the whole line from us for the lowest possible cost.

We specialize in state-of-the-art technology for steel production, particularly renowned for its expertise in housingless stand design. In the steel industry, our housingless stand technology is a benchmark due to its dedication to efficiency and innovation. Our hot rolling mills have a housingless stand that does away with standard housing, enabling faster and more adaptable rolling operations. This design not only enhances the overall production speed but also ensures improved product quality. Our company takes pleasure in giving state-of-the-art solutions that give steel production facilities a smooth running operation and give clients a competitive edge in the industry.

Features of Housingless Mill Stands:

  1. Component rigidity with reduced stress path.
  2. Fully automatic operation.
  3. Possibility for adjustment under load.
  4. Autonomous Screw-down Mechanism with Axial Roll Modification.
  5. Roll balance system eliminating backlash.
  6. Increased bearing life.
  7. Self-balancing spindle support for minimum wear.
  8. Automatic utility connections.

Industries we Serve

Application areas for our Housingless Mill Stand include rolling mills, metal processing, and the production of steel. Whether you are establishing a new facility or upgrading an existing one, Steewo Engineers stands as a reliable partner in enhancing your operational efficiency.