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Steewo Engineers is one of the best Rolling Mill Manufacturers in India, with a rich legacy of precision engineering, innovation and customer-centric approach. We take pride in being at the forefront of the steel industry. We have established ourselves as a reliable partner for companies in India and beyond due to our dedication to providing high-quality rolling mills. Steewo Engineers provides design, engineering and manufacturing of Complete Turnkey solutions of Rolling Mills with 10 years of experience. Also we are the top exporter and supplier of steel rolling mill from Jaipur India to many other countries including:- United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Afghanistan, Australia, China, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Europe and many more countries. Our design team strives to consistently enhance the procedures, products and services for customized solutions across a range of industrial sectors. Our extensive service experience enables us to anticipate your demands and drive industry trends with innovative solutions, including efficiency, cost reduction, and process optimization, to mention a few.

As prominent suppliers, exporters and manufacturers of rolling mills in India, we take great satisfaction in our constant dedication to providing the steel sector with excellent solutions. We work endlessly to offers you the best solutions for hot rolling mills which provide high productivity and cost-effectiveness. We can manufacture high grade quality rolling mills that satisfy the various needs of our clients owing to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and team of qualified workers. Being a trusted hot steel rolling mill manufacturers in India, we prioritize precision engineering, innovation and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our operations. Trust us as your preferred cold and hot rolling mill machine manufacturers in India for excellence that stands the test of time.


Complete Turnkey Solutions of Rolling Mills

Welcome to Steewo Engineers, a pioneer in providing complete turnkey solutions for rolling mills. We lead the market in providing complete services that address every facet of rolling mill applications and we have a long history of innovation and competence. Focusing on precision engineering and upholding global quality standards, we are a supplier and exporter of high-capacity steel rolling mills from India that are crafted to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Being the top manufacturers and suppliers of steel hot rolling mill in India, UK, US, UAE, Canada, Afghanistan, Australia, China, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen and Europe, our team of seasoned professionals guarantees a smooth and effective process from conception and design to production, installation, and commissioning. Choose us for a comprehensive approach to your rolling mill project, where we continuously strive for excellence as a standard rather than just a goal. When seeking a hot rolling mill at best price in India, we prioritize reliability and efficiency in overall production. In the realm of steel production, Steewo is the highest performing rolling mill manufacturers in India.

  • Rebar Rolling Mill: A rebar rolling mill is a type of facility specifically intended to produce rebar, or reinforced steel bars. These mills are essential to the construction sector as they turn raw steel billets into high-strength reinforcing elements for concrete buildings.
  • Narrow Hot Strip Mill: A narrow hot strip mill is a type of equipment used in the steel industry specifically to produce relatively narrow-width hot-rolled steel strips. This kind of mill is specialized for handling coils with a narrower width and is well-known for its ability to produce hot-rolled steel in thin, accurate strips.
  • Medium Hot Strip Mill: A medium-width hot-rolled steel strip mill is a specialist facility in the steel industry that produces these kinds of strips. This kind of mill is adaptable for a variety of uses since it can accommodate a wider range of coil lengths than narrow hot strip mills.
  • Alloy Steel Mill: A plant in the metallurgical sector dedicated to producing alloy steel—a form of steel enhanced with extra components to improve its mechanical properties—is known as an alloy steel mill. To provide particular qualities like enhanced strength, resistance to corrosion, and improved heat resistance, alloying elements like chromium, nickel, manganese, and others are carefully added to the steel composition.
  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill: In the steel business, a wire rod rolling mill is a specialized facility used to produce wire rods, which are long, cylindrical metal rods available in different diameters. This type of mill plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process of wire rods from steel billets.
  • Light Section Rolling Mill: A Light Section Rolling Mill is a type of specialist steel industry plant used to produce light-section steel products. This type of rolling is optimized for the efficient shaping and forming of these lighter profiles.
  • Medium-Section Rolling Mill: A medium-section rolling mill is a type of equipment used in the steel industry specifically to produce medium-sized structural shapes like beams and channels. The resulting steel pieces are used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and many kinds of structural frameworks.
  • Heavy Section Rolling Mill: Large, heavy steel sections, such as wide-flange beams, columns, and other gigantic structural shapes, are produced in heavy section rolling mills, specialist facilities in the steel industry. These mills are designed to process large steel billets and use a sequence of rolling stands to gradually reduce and shape the material to the required size.
  • Hot Strip Rolling Mill:: An essential part of the steel-making process, a hot strip rolling mill is made especially for the creation of hot-rolled steel strips. This kind of mill uses a sequence of rolling stands to cut heated steel slabs into longer, thinner strips.
  • TMT Rolling Mill: A TMT (Thermo-Mechanical Treatment) Rolling Mill is a specialized facility used in the steel industry to produce TMT rebars, which are high-strength reinforcement bars frequently used in construction.

Types of Rolling Mill

As a leading steel rolling plant manufacturer in India, we are pleased to offer an extensive reference of the many kinds of rolling mills and their uses. The many types of rolling mills are vital to know to maximize production operations, as they are fundamental in shaping and changing metal into diverse forms. As key contributors to the nation’s industrial growth, rolling mill manufacturers in India keep the world moving forward, establishing benchmarks for the sector and enhancing India’s standing internationally.

  • Two High Rolling Mill: Steewo is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium steel products. It uses cutting-edge technology, mainly based on the unique two-high rolling mill. Our manufacturing method relies heavily on the two-high rolling mill, which allows us to precisely and economically reduce the thickness of steel sheets and other materials.
  • Three High Rolling Mill: One of the main components of our production process, the Three High Rolling Mill, is essential to precisely and effectively lowering the thickness of steel sheets and other materials. Our knowledgeable staff of engineers and technicians has meticulously developed and maintained these mills to guarantee the continuous production of superior steel products that both meet and surpass industry requirements.
  • Four High Rolling Mill: Our commitment to accuracy and efficiency is demonstrated by the Four High Rolling Mill, a key part of our cutting-edge production process. This specialist four mill is essential to lowering the thickness of steel sheets and other materials, guaranteeing a reliable and superior product.
  • Six High Rolling Mill: This type of rolling machine is mostly utilized offline for cold rolling a broad variety of strip widths of soft and medium strips. The core of our production process is the Six High Rolling Mill, which demonstrates its ability to precisely reduce the thickness of steel sheets and other materials.
  • Planetary Rolling Mill: The Planetary machine is a medium-capacity steel strip rolling machine. While it produces less than multiple-stand continuous mills, it produces more than reversing two- or three-high mills. This mill can be used to roll all metals but it is especially useful for those which have low ductility.
  • Cluster Rolling Mill: A cluster rolling mill is a unique kind of four-high rolling mill where two or more larger backup rolls capable of rolling heavy materials support each of the two operating rolls. To get the desired result, rollers with a very small diameter yet a significant length can be required.
  • Electric Rolling Mill: One of the main components of our manufacturing process, the Electric Rolling Mill, is essential to accurately and efficiently lowering the thickness of steel sheets and other materials.

Steewo- High Steel Rolling Mill Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier from India

Steewo is one of the India’s top leading steel rolling mill manufacturers & supplier company in more than 20+ countries, we pride ourselves on providing complete steel rolling mill solutions in India to meet the diverse needs of the steel industry. We are one of the country’s top producers of the most advanced rolling mill equipment. We follow procedures that at all times ensure client satisfaction. Our clients depend on us to deliver products that match their exact requirements in term of dimensional accuracy, quality and durability. As a distinguished supplier and manufacturer of high rolling mill plants in India, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and excellence.

We have a solid reputation in the industry due to our cutting-edge facilities, which guarantee precision engineering and adherence to global quality standards. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and skilled staff ensure the delivery of top-notch products whether you’re searching for hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, or specialty TMT bar rolling mills. As a foremost cold and hot steel rolling mill manufacturers in India, we offer a wide array of high-quality steel rolling mill products that are intended to satisfy the various demands of our customers. Choose efficiency, reliability, and excellence, for more information on products, contact us at +91- 9810814309.

The Rolling Mill Comprises the Following Process Flow

  • 1. Re-Heating Furnace

Re-Heating Furnace: In steel rolling mills, reheating furnaces are used to heat steel blooms, billets, or slabs.  Furnaces for reheating raise the temperature of this steel stock to about 1200 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the steel starts to distort and the rolling process can start. As an integral part of the rolling mill, this furnace is responsible for raising the temperature of the semi-finished steel billets or slabs before the rolling process begins.

Its main purpose is to heat the material to the ideal temperature for malleability, which lowers the possibility of cracking or other flaws during the rolling process that follows. The re-heating furnace employs advanced technologies to achieve precise temperature control, ensuring uniform heating across the entire surface of the steel.

  • Rolling Mill Train

1. (A) Rolling Mill Train – Equipment: The most recent, well-researched technology is used in All mechanical equipment.

Finishing line mill stands belong to the housing-less series, which are well-known globally for their dependability and simplicity of upkeep. All steel grades, including high alloy and stainless steel, can be produced utilizing the “housing less” stands.

All of the rolling mill stands are separately powered by DC motors, and while the finishing stands use loopers for no-tension control, the roughing and intermediate mills use tension control. The large head of the bar is removed as it moves down the rolling line using the attached crank and flying shears.

(B) Rolling Mill Train- Roll Pass Design: The roll pass design must minimize the investment in rolls and, as a result, the operating costs. It must also permit high productivity and good product quality. The main characteristics of the proposed roll pass design are:-

2. Quenching System: An in-line water quenching system is envisaged to enhance the mechanical qualities of the distorted bars after they exit the finishing stands.  The primary advantages of this technology include the material’s high yield strength, improved weldability, reduced cost, high plasticity of the treated bars, and improved stiffness of the bars.

3. Cooling Bed: After rolling, the bars are split into several commercial lengths by a flying shear and placed onto a roller table that has aprons before being transferred to the cooling bed. The rolled stock materials are broken by the electrically powered mobile elements and released onto the cooling bed’s racks.

4. Run-Out Roller Table: The system is designed to hold the layer in place while it transfers onto the run-out roller table from the cooling bed exit using the pitch-to-pitch chain transfer method.

5. Cold Cutting to Length Area: The cold static shear will be used for the last cold cutting operation. This machine is the most cost-effective and cut-quality option for a profile like that.

6. Bundling Area: Layer transportation and layer buffering is accomplished via chain transfers in the bundling region, and the counted bars are deposited in the bundle-forming area via the final chain transfer. Transferring the bar layers to the bundling area and acting as a buffer system when the bundle is in the informing position are the responsibilities of the chain transfer system.

7. Collecting Area: Once the bundle is prepared using the movable roller table, it is moved to the testing area where it is tied with the necessary number of ties by a hydraulic wire trying machine. The bundle is moved to the collection area when the trying operations are complete, where it will additionally be weighed and labeled appropriately.