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STEEWO Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd. is a well-established Jaipur-based steel Rolling Mills manufacturer. It is a well-known name among Rolling Mill experts and steel plant exporters in India. Collaborating with the “STEEWO Engineers” ensures that you will emerge as a powerful and result-oriented enterprise.

At STEEWO Engineers, we recognize innovation as more than simply developing new products and technology. Our professional design engineers have the logic and talent to go into the depths of uncertainty to find the certain. We are adept at developing new processes, innovative business systems, and unique management strategies that directly impact the productivity of a customer’s business, translating it into growth.

Complete Rolling Mill Solutions

Adopting the latest technology and achieving high productivity, we at Steewo Engineers cater to the complete scope of a green-field Rolling Mill for long and flat products and the upgradation of existing plants.

TMT Rolling Mill
Rolling Mills

Rolling is a metalworking technique that involves passing metal stock between one or more pairs of rolls to reduce thickness and uniformity. The concept is similar to the Rolling of dough.

Rebar Mill
Rebar Mill

Used to make rebar’s from ingots or billets, with finished rebar sizes ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm.

Narrow Hot Strip Rolling Mill
Narrow Hot Strip Mill

The hot-strip mill squeezes slabs, which can range in thickness from 1.5-10 MM depending on the type of continuous caster, between horizontal Rolls with progressively smaller spaces between them (while vertical rolls govern the width) to produce a quarter-inch thick coil of flat-rolled steel.

Medium Hot Strip Rolling Mill
Medium Hot Strip Mill

A continuous section rolling mill with exceptional flexibility and the ability to roll small and medium-sized beams, angles, channels, and flats.

Alloy Steel Mill
Alloy Steel Mill

Alloy steel is a form of steel that has been alloyed with elements such as molybdenum, manganese, nickel, chromium, vanadium, silicon, and boron. These alloying elements are used to improve the strength, hardness, wear resistance, and toughness of the metal.

Wire Rod Mill
Wire Rod Mills

A wire rod mill is a type of rolling mill that is specifically used for rolling wire rods. Wire rod has the smallest interruption surface size. When the product is rolled from billet to finished product, the overall elongation coefficient is significant.

Light Section Rolling Mill
Light Section Mill

Light section mills are high-speed mills that can roll bars and light sections of special bar quality grades and engineering steels at high production rates while maintaining affordable investment and operational costs.

medium-section mill
Medium Section Mill

Medium section mills are used to make smaller beams, channels, angles, flats, and special sections. They have a diverse product line and can be configured as a reversing mill, a semi-continuous mill, or a completely continuous mill.

Heavy Section Rolling Mill
Heavy Section Mill

Heavy section mills are required for the manufacturing of beams as well as other bigger sections such as channels, angles, sheet piles, shipbuilding, and special sections. They’re perfect for a wide variety of variations in the portfolio as they are intended for any given size range of completed items.

Steel Hot TMT Bar Mill
TMT Bar Rolling Mill

Steewo is the leading steel industry, specialize in producing high quality TMT bar rolling mill. Our TMT bar employs advance techniques to enhance the mechanical properties of steel. Steewo continues to be a preferred choice for construction projects, providing reliable TMT bars that contribute to the strength and durability of structures worldwide.