Automatic Cooling Bed for Steel Rolling Mill Plant & MachineSteewo

The purpose of a rolling mill cooling bed is to transfer rolled materials, sometimes known as “bars,” gradually from the cooling bed’s entering side to its discharge side while providing uniform air cooling. TMT Bar / Structural Sections are naturally cooled by automatic cooling beds, which also cross-transfer material near the end. It moves the bars to the roller table one at a time, where they are carried to the finishing area. The bed is provided with bae alignment. As the material moves near the discharge end, cooling beds automatically cool it. Steewo Engineers‘ cooling beds are constructed with standard components that can be integrated to meet the needs of the plant’s production capacity and product mix.

Complete mechanical component standardization guarantees excellent performance levels and consistent equipment quality. Twin channel and mechanical braking, magnetic braking, natural braking, or lifting aprons can all be used to finish cooling bed entry, depending on the varying speed requirements. The cooling beds can be forced to cool by water tanks or water spray systems, or they can be slowly cooled by insulated covers for certain uses. A twin or double twin channel system for extremely high rolling speeds is available.

We manufacture cooling beds with a commitment to excellent equipment quality and continuous standardization. Every movement is used to straighten the material. 

  • Twin-Channel Bar Receiving Mechanism: At Steewo Engineers Industries, we produce twin channels that can be driven by DC motors in an electro-mechanical or hydraulic manner. Our flappers have a long lifespan and exceptional wear resistance as they are manufactured of SG Iron Material.
  • 4-Channel Bar Receiving Mechanism (Pneumatic): This type of Bar handling system is used for rolling mills with 2-strand billet rolling. 
  • Braking Slide/ Hydraulic Apron Type: This kind of bar receiving mechanism is commonly utilized by merchant mills that produce light section mills as well as TMT bars and sections. 
  • Rake Type Automatic Cooling Bed: The highly automated nature of automatic rake-style cooling beds guarantees material transmission by one pitch with each rake movement. 

These Types are: 

  • A cooling bed that functions like an automatic rake and moves the material in one pitch with each stroke of the rake. These come with run-in tables that have apron-style diverters or dual-channel bar delivery systems. The bed is provided with bar alignment. 
  • The alloy steel cooling bed is of the turnover type, causing the bars to revolve by one revolution each time the rake passes a pitch. When the bars are uniformly chilled, these improve the metallurgical qualities of the material by imparting improved straightness.

Why Steewo Engineers Stands Apart from the Crowd?

Do you need automatic cooling beds which are compact in design and best in quality? At Steewo Engineers you will get all types of rolling colling beds which can cool the material and cross transfer towards the discharge end. Our extensive selection includes the basic manual-handled cooling bed, the basic rope skid, the automatic rake-style cooling bed, the chain skid-style cooling bed, and the turn-over cooling bed. If required, we can get them customized as per your specific needs.

We are proud to be among the leading producers and exporters of automatic cooling beds, having a wealth of experience in this field. Our cooling beds have been placed to use and are reliable for cooling materials for various purposes. When it comes to quality, we ensure the best as our range of cooling beds have been tested thoroughly. These products have stronger structures, longer lifespans, and outstanding corrosion resistance. These are the most reasonably priced products, despite being indestructible and resistant to corrosion.