Conventional Mill StandsSteewo

The Conventional stands are traditional stands in the rolling mill. Conventional mill stands can be used for roughing, beginning, and intermediate line rolling using spherical roller bearings. The mill stand is made in a way that facilitates simple maintenance and operation with few defects. The entire housing includes the chocks, which are steel cast to achieve a better life. The conventional stands are provided with shifting arrangements to maintain the rolling line of the mill. The meticulously designed rolls that enable effective thickness reduction and accurate cross-sectional changes are the foundation of our products.

A Conventional rolling mill stand is a critical component in the process of shaping metal through the rolling process. Rolling mills are large industrial devices that use sets of rollers to apply compressive forces to lower the thickness or alter the cross-sectional area of metal products. The rolling mill stand plays a central role in this operation. Steewo Engineers takes pride in offering a range of conventional rolling mill stands, including two-high, three-high, and four-high configurations, meeting the demands of various metal processing applications.

Key Features and Components of a Conventional Rolling Mill Stand 

  • Rolls: The heart of any rolling mill stand is the set of rolls. These metal rollers are cylindrical and pressurize the metal they treat. Typically, there are two rolls, but depending on the kind of mill, there may be more. The rolls can have different configurations, such as grooved, flat, or profiled, to achieve specific shaping objectives.
  • Rolling Mill Housing: The rolling mill house is a substantial steel framework that holds the rolls in place. This gives the rollers and other parts stability and rigidity. 
  • Roll Bearings: Bearings are crucial for the smooth rotation of rolls. Roll bearings are used to sustain the rolls’ weight and withstand the forces produced during rolling.

Why Choose Steewo Engineers for Conventional Stand 

  • Quality Assurance: We adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure that our products meet or exceed industry standards. 
  • Customization: We can customize mill stands to meet the unique requirements of your metal processing applications due to our adaptable approach. 
  • Technological Excellence: To maintain our leadership in the field and provide cutting-edge solutions, we make investments in cutting-edge technology.
  • Reliability: Count on us for reliable and efficient conventional mill stands that contribute to the success of your metal shaping operations.