High Quality Gear Coupling Manufacturers and Suppliers from Jaipur, India Steewo


Steewo Engineers is one name to trust for the availability of genuine grade gear coupling in India. The Steel Rolling Mill the company is made with superior components that guarantee notable attributes including extreme durability, sturdy construction, and resilience to harsh environments. Additionally, the gear coupling is offered in a range of specifications to precisely match the demands of industrial applications. Buyers are also facilitated with the availability of the Gear Couplings at market-leading prices. Furthermore, prompt delivery of the Gear Couplings within the allotted timeframe is made easier for both Indian and foreign customers.

Steewo Engineers provides supreme quality gear couplings that have applications in various industries like steel plant, sugar mills industry, cement plants, metal industry, and many more. Its main function is to connect two shafts so that power can be transferred from one to the other. These gear couplings, which consist of two hubs with an exterior gear and two outer sleeves with an internal gear, are both rigid and flexible. Our gear coupling is of the universal type, suitable for axial, offset, combined, and angular movement.

The EN-8 and EN-9 material used to make the gear coupling is forged and tested. These are appropriate for loads up to 3000 HP and shaft misalignment up to certain degrees. They have teeth profiles suitable for smooth running.

Application of Gear Couplings

A mechanical device with a flexible junction called a gear coupling is attached to every shaft. This transmits the torque between two non collinear shafts. This is made to fit a specific space and has a larger torque density than universal joints, which causes less vibrations. This kind of connection, which accounts for torsional rigidity, comes in two varieties: fully flexible and flexible/rigid. The completely flexible gear coupling consists of two hubs, one with an external gear and the other with an internal gear. However, the flexible/rigid coupling is ideal for “floating shaft” applications since it is made with one stiff half and one flexible geared half. Gear couplings find their applications in rolling mill machinery and other industrial machines.

Features of Gear Couplings: 

  • Brilliant Performance.
  • Available in Various Configurations.
  • Heavy Duty.
  • Compact.
  • High Speed.
  • Excellent Inherent Balance.
  • Light in Weight.
  • High Torque Capacity.
  • Piloted Gear Ideal for Higher Speed and Less Vibration.
  • Torsionally Stiff.

Today, an extensive array of dependable suppliers of gear couplings and exporters of rolling mill gear couplings have infiltrated the industry with their superior product line. They produce a better performing and efficient coupling line by using the highest grade raw materials in the product design.

Why Choose Steewo Engineers for Gear Couplings?

At Steewo Engineers, our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Choosing our gear couplings means investing in a product supported by state-of-the-art technology, years of experience, and a dedication to going above and above industry norms. Contact us today to discover how Steewo Engineers gear couplings can elevate the performance and reliability of your machinery, providing the backbone for your industrial success.