Flying Shearing MachineSteewo

Steewo Engineers is a specialized Flying Shearing Machine Manufacturer in India. After TMT, the equipment is mostly utilized in hot rolling mills. It is exclusively known for cutting/shearing heavy metal bars. Using flying arm effects, our Flying Shearing Machine cuts materials of different diameters into varying lengths. It is installed after the shearing machines and before the cooling bed. We have been the prominent flying shearing machine manufacturer in India and flying shearing machine exporter and supplier to various clients all over the world. We provide a variety of features and uses for our Flying Shearing Machine. They can serve a variety of functions in different rolling mills.

Our Flying Shearing Machines are manufactured with precision by experienced technicians. We only use the best quality raw materials. We provide our flying shearing machine in various sizes, shapes, and specifications as per the requirement of the customer. Our industry clients worldwide are always in need of our Flying Shearing Machines. It has made us the trusted and reputed flying shearing machines exporter and supplier in the country. For the past few years, our success has been based on catering to the desires of our clients.

Leading Flying Shear Machine Manufacturers in India

Our company provides a unique blend of creativity and excellence that is difficult to find in other producers. Manufactured to perfection, we are one of the most excellent and leading manufacturers and exporters of flying shearing machines. These machines are employed in a variety of sectors for metal-cutting tasks. Our collection of shearing machines is evaluated by qualified professionals to guarantee longevity, corrosion-proof surface polish, and low power consumption. We guarantee on-time delivery. Flying shearing machines are available in different models & specifications at reasonable prices in the market.

How Flying Shear Machine Can Help You?

For efficient operations, flying shear machine is an utmost requirement. It will allow your production process to run smoothly and consistently. Steewo Engineers is a credible name in the field of machines. The primary function of the flying shear machine, also known as the flying knife, is to continuously cut the product along the pre-set length at the line’s speed. These are rather widespread and helpful in areas where products can be reduced without compromising the production process, hence increasing the total productivity of the machine. The Hydraulic cylinder works behind this cutting.

Manufacturing Process

We are the nation’s leading manufacturer of Flying Shearing Machines, and among our clientele are significant businesses from a variety of industries. Our products are constantly in demand due to their premium quality and finish. We use the most advanced, high-tech machinery and equipment to make our Flying Shearing Machine. Our team of skilled experts ensures that the product is delivered in optimal condition throughout the whole production process. Our facility produces only flying shearing machines that meet international requirements.

Steewo Engineers is one of the largest flying machine manufacturers in India. We have a wide selection of Flying Shearing Machines. We are renowned for producing high-quality goods using the best raw resources. We pay close attention to details like dimensional correctness, unparalleled durability, and superior performance in challenging environments. We carefully analyze the needs of every customer and cater products according to their need.

  • Robust Structure.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Outstanding Performance.
  • Low Power Consumption regularly and produce a payback.
  • Hardened and ground gear, silent in meshing.
  • Line speed: up to 30 MPM.
  • Cutting capacity- 8mm to 32mm.
  • Best-in-class electrical system.
  • Built-in lubrication.