Rotary Crop Cobble ShearSteewo

Steewo Engineers manufacturers crop cobble shears that are used for cutting bars and profile metals during the rolling mill process. It can act as both part and end-cutting during the operation, depending on where it is placed. Each crop shear is designed specifically for its purpose and to fulfill the client’s needs. Electric motors, pneumatic couplings, heat sensors, and further automation systems can all be connected to our crop shears to fully automate them, contingent on the requirements of the project. Crop and cobble shear offers applications in the continuous and smooth cutting of the bars or at desired cutting points.

Here, we are skilled in providing shear with dual-mode support, allowing customers to choose between crank mode and continuous mode, ranging in length from 400 mm to 1000 mm. Further, our expertise also lies in manufacturing crop shearing machines for types of bars, and rounds as well as for structural products like angle, I/H beam, flat, U channel, and others. The enhanced design protects the blades and makes it easier to cut more delicate vertical products.

Rotary crop cobble shears are used in hot rolling to crop front end, tail end, and as well as to segment cutting in case of eventualities. These are start/stop shears that are powered by a direct DC motor or a pneumatic clutch/brake installed on the flywheel.  These shears are controlled through a PLC system and provide a very close tolerance of the cut length. We provide two varieties of crop-cum cobble shear:

  • Crop and cobble shear for medium section.
  • Crop and cobble shear for heavy section.

Key Features

  • Start-of-the-art Technology: Modern manufacturing facilities enable us to provide cobble shear hot rolling equipment that satisfies the most stringent industrial requirements. We continually invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Customization and Flexibility: We provide adaptable solutions that may be customized to fit particular applications as we understand that every client has different needs. Our skilled engineers collaborate closely with clients to comprehend their requirements and provide machinery that precisely matches their manufacturing objectives.
  • Comprehensive Range of Products: Steewo Engineers offers a comprehensive range of cobble shear hot rolling machines, catering to various capacities and applications. We have the ideal equipment for every application, ranging from high-capacity solutions for large-scale industrial processes to compact models for smaller businesses. 
  • Stringent Quality Control: Quality is at the core of everything we do. Every cobble shear hot rolling equipment that leaves our facility is of the highest quality, ensuring dependability, longevity, and peak performance due to our strict quality control procedures.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Steewo Engineers is committed to environmentally sustainable practices. We work hard to reduce our environmental impact and follow eco-friendly guidelines in our manufacturing procedures. 
  • Expert Technical Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the sale of our products. Our team of technical specialists offers exceptional support, making sure that our clients get maintenance, troubleshooting, and assistance promptly when needed.