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Steewo Engineers is an outstanding brand in the competitive crowd of Cold Shearing Machine Manufacturers. We distinguish ourselves in the current market by upholding the values of professionalism and client pleasure. We design and present you with a reliable and unique range of cold Shear machines. We have established our presence in the domestic as well as International market. Steewo Engineers is in the race for top position with Cold Shearing Machine Manufacturers. We can enter international markets because of the company’s aura. The delivery and quality of cold shearing machines have been by far the best by our brand.

We constantly work to keep up with the competition and provide our clients with the newest technology. Our team of experts never fails to present you with reliable and durable cold shearing machines. Concrete’s cold shearing design allows for size changes. It also halts the cracks in the flooring and roads that might emerge in the future. However, their appearance is minimal with its use. Additionally, it can effectively completely stop concrete cracks that might otherwise appear.

Steewo Engineers- Leading Cold Shear Machine Manufacturers 

Our cold shearing machines are well known in the industry for their exceptional functionality and extended lifespan. They are equipped with heavy-duty spherical roller bearings. We are always looking forward to widening our business reach to attain precedent heights. Our consistent and committed efforts have ultimately resulted in the brand receiving recognition. We are a proud Cold Shearing Machines at the global level. We are the go-to company in the Cold Shearing Machines Manufacturer industry because of our openness and commitment to our customers.

Our top goal is to provide you with the greatest possible service, and we can meet all of your distinct requirements. Positive comments and a delighted client base are the results of our company’s “no compromise on quality” approach.

Why Do you Require a Cold Shear Machine and How is It Useful?

You can get here all kinds of cold shear machines. Cold shearing machines are only helpful for cutting specific goods into predetermined lengths. You may easily have your rounds, bars, or other similar material cut to the length you’ve decided on. The spherical roller bearings assist the machines in cutting the material smoothly.

Concrete can vary in size because of its cold-shearing design. Additionally, it stops potential future pavement and fractures from forming. But with its usage, their emergence is negligible. Furthermore, it effectively stops concrete cracks that could otherwise appear. For this, you can successfully put a full stop on cracks in concrete that might emerge otherwise. For this, you can rely on us inevitably. Our machines are well-known for their long-lasting, superior performance and unmatched service. We set up the devices after considering every need of the user.


  • Steel fabricated & machined construction.
  • Alloy steel pinions double drilled with Pulley-cum-fly wheels.
  • All shafts are made from EN-8 steel.
  • Centralized oil lubrication system.
  • Complete in all respects. 
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Compact design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy operable.